Ballot voting will be from 3:45 pm to 5:15 pm on Jun 11, 2022.

Meet the Candidates for the 2022 Elections

Candidates for the Council of Elders

Fr. Dr. Mebratu Kiros Gebru

Mrs. Kokobe Tara

Mr. Zewdu Gebre-Hiwet

Candidates for the Executive Committee Members

Ms. Nigest Mengesha

Mr. Bayu Kidane

Mrs. Debbie Ayele

Mr. Bantihun Tizazu

Mr. Alem G/ Amlak

Mrs. Adanech Gebere

Mrs. Tirfnesh Kassa

Mrs. Meskerem Kassay

Mr. Tibebu Kassa



In keeping with its vision and mission, the Association will assist those who need a helping hand (the homeless, the hungry...

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Spiritual Support

The association will comfort and offer its condolences to the family and loved ones of the deceased member. Also, through...

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Financial Support

In the event of death of a member in good standing, the association will assist in contributing towards..

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Any one who wish to join the association is strongly encouraged to read the association by-law. The association by...

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