In the event of death of a member in good standing, the association will assist in contributing towards funeral/burial expense of a deceased member up to a maximum of $12,000.00 including floral and related expenses.

The Association shall pay $5,000.00 directly from its own account and the remaining amount (maximum $7,000.00) to conduct the full funeral service shall be divided equally between members of the Association each time a member is deceased.

This financial contribution shall be made within 48 hours to the designated legal beneficiary of the deceased supported by a legitimate death certificate issued by medical authorities or the association will use the funds to conduct the full funeral/burial service of the member.

In addition, the Association also help subsidize the cost of registration fee for people who are unable to cover the full cost of registration fees due to financial hardship.

Within its financial capacity, the association also make financial and moral support to the survivors of the deceased in the community who are unable to support themselves


The Association will comfort and offer its condolences to the family and loved ones of the deceased member.
The Association through its spiritual leaders and senior members, shall assist and counsel members of the community in marriage/family conflict resolution and provide sound moral guidance to the youth to reinforce family values.


In keeping with its vision and mission, the Association will assist those who need a helping hand (the homeless, the hungry, the poor, run-away kids etc.) in the community when it is financially capable to do so. The nature of the assistance shall be determined depending on the need of the helpless and their circumstances.

The Association shall make financial and moral support to survivors of the deceased in the community who are financially unable to be members of the Association.

The Association shall welcome and assist Ethiopian newcomers to Canada as they settle in the new country.