Ethiopian Canadians residing in the Greater Toronto Area having common cherished and compassionate values recognized the need to form an Association that enables them to help each other both in life and in death including helping those unable to help themselves. These noble vision and mission are grounded both in Ethiopian traditional community life and timeless Biblical imperatives.


The necessity amongst the Ethiopians Community in the "Greater Toronto Area" to support each other during the time of need, equally inspired by the true sense of traditional association or "Edir", has led to the creation of Saint Mary Self-help Charity Association of Greater Toronto Area in October 2011, thanks to the dedication of some members of our community who took the initiative to facilitate the ground work.


Bantyehun Tezazu (President)

Eng. Bantyehun Tezazu (President)

Mr. Tibebu Kassa (V.President)

Tibebu Kassa (Vice President)

Nigest-Mengesha (Secretary)

Nigest Mengesha (Secretary)

Tirfinesh Kassa (Tresurer)

Tirfinesh Kassa (Treasurer)

Meskerem Kassay (Public Relations)

Meskerem Kassay (Public Relations)

Adanech Gebre (Board Member)

Adanech Gebre (Board Member)

Alem G Amlak (Board Member)

Alem G.Amlak (Board Member)


Fr Dr Mebratu Kiros

Fr. Dr. Mebratu Kiros Gebru

Kokobe Tara

Mrs. Kokobe Tara

Zewdu G Hiwote

Mr. Zewdu Gebre-Hiwet

Measure of success.....

The creation of the Saint Mary Self-help Charity Association of the GTA in 2011 is the work of small number of individuals with people oriented personalities. Individuals with people oriented personalities will build relationships and communities. This individuals will never be forgotten as members of the Association grow to reach over 1000.

This makes the Saint Mary Self-help Charity Association of the GTA one of the largest “Edir” in Canada.

Registered members annually